All families contribute through Volunteer Hours and Tuition. We are available to collaborate with families who need to  create a customized plan for earning their required volunteer hours in order to accommodate their work schedules and other responsibilities or commitments.

Volunteer Hours

Every family is required to contribute one Volunteer Day per month. All volunteer hours must be scheduled.

There are two types of Volunteer Roles:

1) Lead Volunteer- This role takes on all lead educator roles for the scheduled days. 

2) Supporting Volunteer- This role supports the program through prep and breakdown, break times and any other times an extra hand is needed. They will not be responsible for leading the day.


Families can elect the most suitable tuition cost option for their budget and desired program model. Families can also opt for a payment plan of 10 monthly installments, quarterly, or as a single payment.

Primary Aged Learners

We are supporting two primary communities of learners, which are based on our current families' interests. Please email us at if your family would like support for older learners. We are open to expanding our offerings with enough interest.


ages 5-12

Middle School Learners

We are actively growing the Middle School Program as families share interest in these opportunities. The minimum number of learners needed for this group is 6. 

Middle School Enrichment

Ages 11-14

Nature - Connected 

Our learners engage with nature everyday. Our enriching nature curriculum leads families into nature for walks, activities, crafts, and community play.