The story of Lualima...

Imagine a day where two homeschooling mothers, sharing similar challenging experiences across multiple states, meet in a coffee shop, discussing their hopes and dreams for their children's' educational  journeys-what a young boy's life might look like if there were a community in place that met more than once every Blue Moon, how it might feel to have an experience where their children were not only supported in their educational interests but were  also leaders shaping them. The two women talked through an environment that allowed for their children to show up just as they are, as unique human beings. They considered this new paradigm where their  creative children could set their own  goals and in which they, themselves, were able to ask for support for their continuing home education.  They imagined how an entire community of  such support would feel.

And, voila...Lualima Cooperative emerged into the Georgetown landscape, a new way to develop community for parents and caregivers, in alignment with home education best practices . Fueled by dry-humored, coffee driven, and passionately supportive mothers who saw a need in their own lives and mapped it out, who decided to meet this need head-on. 

Monique and Darleen are partners in founding the Lualima Cooperative nonprofit, co-Executive Directors that enjoy leading sessions within the Lualima Microschool and who have grown to be dear friends that just do life together. This duo not only seeks out families who are looking for alternative education options, but they encourage others to show up exactly as they are. Darleen and Monique  accept the challenge of growing a community in which families are seen and supported through resources, education, creativity and, of course, friendship...They cannot wait to meet you!

Meet the Founders

Darleen Rodriguez

Co-Founder &  Program Director

Monique LaCour

Co-Founder & Program Director

Lualima Cooperative

We would love to hear from you. Please reach out! We are open to partnerships that align with our mission to support families in the community.  lualimacooperative@gmail.com