Lualima Cooperative is a nonprofit microschool program that serves homeschooling families, creating an environment where both children and parents can thrive. The Cooperative focuses on the education and development of the child while also providing the parent or caregiver with co-working space and resources for self-care and wellness.

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We offer families a hybrid, drop-off or stay-and-collaborate model of education with flexible 2, 3, and 4-day schedules paired with a supportive Parent Education Program focused on positive and compassionate communication and parenting practices. 

Educational Models

Flexible Schedule

Parent Education

Our Mission

Our mission is creating a supportive and compassionate home education community for families through  nature-based, learner-led homeschooling, positive parenting, and collaborative practices that promote self-awareness, social-emotional fluency, and autonomy in learning. We also aim to allow for under-served families within our communities to feel welcome to join us by making our programs financially accessible and inclusive for all. 

Our Vision

We are empowering families to take charge of their education and development through a nature-based, collaborative model that nurtures the whole child and supports the growth and well-being of parents and caregivers to create a more inclusive and equitable society through a community-based approach to education.

Our Environment

The physical environment of Lualima Cooperative is nature-based, inviting, and conducive to learning and personal growth. It provides access to outdoor spaces such as gardens, playgrounds, and nature trails that offer opportunities for hands-on learning and connection with nature. The indoor spaces are bright, welcoming, and foster a sense of community and collaboration. They include open spaces for group learning and activities and semi-private spaces for individual work or reflection. The cooperative's environment is designed to be flexible and adaptable, able to change and evolve to meet the needs of the families and the community it serves.

Spring Enrollment Happening Now

February 14th - May 4th

Located at the Georgetown Recreation Center and San Gabriel Park. 

1003 N Austin Ave, Georgetown, TX 78626


Tue + Thur 10am-2pm

Valued at $1,350/Semester 

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Tue + Thur + Friday 10am-2pm

Valued at $1,875/Semester

See our tuition options HERE